1d-s2 samples

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1d-s2 samples

In the process of a session, shot a non scientific tests with the Canon 1d and Fuji s2.

For my work, the telling resolving strength of a camera, film or digital is the ability to present detail of a full length subject.


These samples show full length and how well each camera handles high key detail of white on white scenes.

The key light is a profoto head with standard reflector and two lightdome's for background fill. Subject fill is from 1 4x8 foamcore.

We are familiar with the S2 and it performed as expected. The white balance on the S2 is manual and the 1d set to auto.

The S2 resolved well and held detail. The file is a little thicker than the 1d, but required slightly more time in post. The 1d file was sharper, but showed some Christmas tree lights in the jewlery, where the S2 had slight moire on the hair, both fixed easility in lab color.

I have always been impressed with the S2 though I found the 1d's 11mb file to be the cleanest digital file I have ever viewed. It is smooth and sharp and holds detail well. The 1d file interpolated to 50 mb with very light softness and almost no loss in detail. Most impressive is it's lack of rasterization between light and dark diagonal lines. It almost looked like it gained detail. The 1d produces much more detail than the Kodak 760 in this type of setting.

Naturally the 1d is a faster and more complete body, though the S2 holds it's own in focus and speed in this envrionment. I do think all manufacturers could take a note from Fuji on menus and digital settings/functions. The S2 is very intuitive and easy to use and the 1d almost requires a manual.

I have to thank Mastrianni as he is completely correct in his judgement of the 1d file. It is much more competent than the size portrays.

Printing 13x19 proofs from both cameras the difference are minute and either one of these cameras is very capable of double page magazine ads. In fact with a 150 line screen I do not believe you can tell the 1d file from any camera, film or digital.

Though I know we will use the S2's for many projects I will now ad the 1d to our inventory.


James Russell
Russell Rutherford

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