BUG - Canon PowerShot G3

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Re: BUG - Canon PowerShot G3

Vlastik wrote:
It's visible also on the camera LCD and it's produced in both
formats - JPG and RAW. So it's not depend on procesing computer
(PC) definitely - it's G3 series fault.


jpk wrote:
My 2 cents...that looks like a computer software issue with
conversion or something. Did you shoot jpg in the camera?


Vlastik wrote:

Now I'm surre that Canon G3 has production bug in case of direct
overexposed Sun shots.
You can check my pages:

and also other:


I was in shop again and try new G3 - with same results.
I also test Sony 717 and Canon S45 - without problem. It's clear
that it's not issue of digital technology - IT'S G3 FAULT.

this is, I think, one of those instances wherein a polarizing filter would come in handy.

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