SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?

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Laurence Matson
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Re: SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?


Since you were one of the few constructive criticizers who got this ball rolling in a positive way oh so long ago, it is nice to hear your voice of reason again.

Perhaps your most operable statement is this:

Guido Vollbeding wrote:

I have pointed out some corrections to be made especially in the
PhotoPro JPEG output ( ), and fortunately
Foveon responded. >
Again, it is obviously a natural approach to work out some issues in
software first before burning anything in hardware/firmware.

Those of us using the SD9 and Foveon technology have a rare window of opportunity. On the one hand, we have a fabulous device that requires some effort to make work right and which, during the learning curve, causes us to think about what we are doing. On the other hand, we can relate our experiences and bring our suggestions for improvement with a relatively good feeling that in time (brief time) these will get through to the powers that be for response or rejection as they see fit.

It should be clear that Foveon and Sigma are not going to dance around to every tune we play. However, in my limited backoffice notes from other users, it is very apparent that Sigma and Foveon are interested in what we have to say and will work very hard to correct and improve this product. It is up to us to formulate proposals and corrections in such a way that a response is possible. Guido's quick proposal last fall was exceptionally clear and useful. Geir Rune, I know is doing some great work in color profiles.

We need to gather these things and forward them to Foveon and Sigma. I am sure that some will bear fruit.

Oh so many moons ago, I called a small company in Redmond, Washington to get help with a program called Word, of which I had version 1.1. The secretary, who took my call from Switzerland, was able to answer some of my questions and passed me on to someone else (no, his name was not Bill), who handled the rest. Try that today! No moaning music to pacify me; no beating around the bush; no 43 buttons to push to get past the telephonic robots. And no waiting one year for an incomplete bug fix, as our friends with Canons have just gone through either.

I do not look forward to dealing with a Foveon the size of Microsoft, but things will (hopefully) be rescaled for them in the direction of sustainability. In the meantime, it is up to us to exploit the opportunity available now for our own good and that of the company.

Carpe diem.


Go Alinghi

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