Coolpix 5000 Vs G3 Vs c5050z

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Re: Coolpix 5000 Vs G3 Vs c5050z

With some sorrow, I this week decided to buy a G3 over a 5050. Why sorrow? Because I've owned and enjoyed several Oly film and digital cameras. In fact, I've not owned anything else in the last 18 years.

When the 5050 was announced, I decided it was time to replace my aging (LOL) D500 (bet most readers don't even remember that one!) as it finally had enough of the options that I wanted in a size/price I was willing/able to pay.

I almost just bought one online, but then decided that I should fondle one before doing so. I loved just about everything about it. The problem? I don't think that I could live with the zoom lag. The C50 was close to instantaneous, but in three different stores, I had the same experience with the 5050. Push the lever and ... and ... the lens moves. I estimated a good 3/4 second. Zoom just a little too far and need to pull back, and the delay is there again. With all the other delays inherent in shooting digital AF cameras (e.g. waiting for AF and picture storage) it was too much.

The G3 doesn't react as quickly as the C50, but it is noticeably faster. I don't need the 5MP, so...

Advice to all. Handle them in person and put them through there paces. After you buy, it's not just the specs and reviews, it actually using it that matters.

darksad wrote:

i have a really big problem... a lot a person try to comprare the
4MP G3 Vs 5MP Olympus 5050... but i have another question...

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