upgrade the qv 3000 succesfully to 1.03

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Re: What is the use?

According the Casio site: http://world.casio.com/qv/download/en/qv3000_firmup/

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QV-3000EX(EX/Ir) Firmware Update Software…Version 1.003 ---
---Improvements Provided by This Update


  • Under the current version, Macintosh users sometimes are unable to import images after deleting all images or after deleting a folder.

The update fixes this problem.


  • Support for 1GB Microdrive

  • Enhanced noise reduction when using shutter priority mode and recording at speeds of one second or longer

  • Faster serial data rates for the Macintosh version of Photo Loader

So, for Windows users, there is no need to upgrade from 1.002 to 1.003


Hans Keesom wrote:
Can anyone yet tell me why I would want to upgrade. Is there a use?

dennis van oeveren wrote:

I have succesfully upgrade my new qv 3000 with the new firmware 1.03
It is now saying firmware 1.03.
Everything is working fine but I can not see any different.
I am using the IBM microdrive. Is their someone who can tell me the
differents in the new firmware

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