Rangefinder vs. D100

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You need the Oly E-20 (nt)

mixwhit wrote:

Would anyone buy a digital rangefinder over the D100?

Its what I've been truly waiting for but had begun to think would
never come. If I were to purchase a D100, it would be because its
the best I can do for getting close to the rf.

I like to do street shooting, and the SLR is larger and louder than
I would like. I do use my F3 for this, and it works well enough
though. However, a rangefinder in the tradition of the leica M
would give me instant response, quiet (no reason a digital rf
couldn't be silent), and manual focus. Actually, I'd love a
digital rf that had traditional rf focusing as well as autofocus
and a flip-out LCD for real-time preview when wanted. Preferably
interchangable lenses, but I'd even take a high-quality, super-fast
(f/2 or so) zoom.

For this I would pay a bunch of money. Strangely enough, it only
starts to approach the price of the leica (which I previously could
never bring myself to pay for because of the high cost -- boy have
my ideas about costs changed :)).

Cmon Nikon---bring out a digital rf!


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