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Re: I'll check it out...

As mentioned further down in this thread, you may also want to try our latest beta version, which dramatically increases performance of launch and displaying CRW files, among other enhancements. Drop me an email if you're interested, and we'll send you beta instructions (download location, beta license key, etc.). It should be released in the next couple of weeks, but you'll probably find it to be significantly more Canon-friendly than the current version.


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Jamie W wrote:
and let everyone know what I think....

josef armendariz wrote:
Hey Jaime,

Can you download the demo software at
(though it says Compaq, it should work if it's a Pocket PC) and
post your thoughts/results with the D60 images?


Jamie W wrote:
Just got mine....about a 10 day wait....and it is a great machine.
However, anyone used to viewing images on a notebook will be
disappointed with the display....its good for what it is, but
simply not as sharp, bright and clean as a notebook. Mind you, I am
not saying that it should shouldn't....and it is a great
machine. Reads my 1 gig CF no problem.

tim martin wrote:

josef armendariz wrote:

Pocket PC to read Canon images (.jpg's) and preview them. Don't
most new Pocket PC's have a CF slot? Can they read directly off
the slot like a hard-drive?

I think that most Pocket PCs do NOT have a CF slot, but one of the
hottest Pocket PCs around, the Dell Axim X5 does have a CF slot
and could be used exactly as you describe here.

The only problem is Dell has a 2 week wait to get this product.

See my thread on this topic at:

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