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Re: have u tried this....?

The latest version of PocketLoupe uses a significantly faster JPEG decoder than the built-in Pocket PC Internet Explorer application, so it is indeed much quicker. In addition, we're working on a new release that is focused on improving support for Canon users and boosts overall performance, including:

1. It is MUCH faster when displaying the large thumbs embedded in CRW files. This is pretty slow in the current released version - we found a way to speed it up tremendously.

2. Somewhat improves performance of normal JPEG reading.

3. Supports the .THM files associated with .CRW files - when you view a .CRW, it will bring up the THM image instantly, then immediately load the CRW large thumb in the background. This also means it has better EXIF support for CRW files, and it feels much faster, since you don't have to wait for the full image to load to see the small thumb.

4. Vastly improves launch time and the time it takes to generate the list of files.

5. User interface and other improvements for better status, responsiveness, etc.

The new release should be out in the next couple of weeks. If you're interested in trying the beta and letting us know what you think, drop us a line. Also, don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have...


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josef armendariz wrote:
Cool. Which camera did you shoot the images with? Any chance of
taking a picture with your Ipaq)?) displaying a picture?


Rick Floyd wrote:
Okay, I downloaded the program (very small) and used both a 32MB CF
card and my microdrive directly from the camera. This program
loads these 1 - 2MB photos almost instantly! I haven't looked at
all the features yet, but I am really impressed that the speeds are
so much better than the 20 - 25 seconds it takes to load in
Internet Explorer.


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