CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: Problem with copying exif data in raw2nef just grag and drop

I never try command line as it is not easy for me just drag and drop your both raw and jpeg files as batch into raw2nef origramme will do the rest

about registery file you have to modify your location of RAW2nef I hav't try yet

Shafak wrote:

Here's the command line I used when converting raw to nef using
raw2nef v0.07

raw2nef2 -4500 dscn2907.jpg -e dscn2908.jpg -o dscn9000.nef

I have CP4500 and in the above command line, dscn2907.jpg is the
raw file and dscn2908.jpg is the normal .jpg file which is created
along with the raw file. If the command is correct, then I should
have successfully copied the exif from the jpg to the raw file,
right? No. I do not get any exif data in the newly created
dscn9000.nef file which I open in PS7 or Nikon Editor and save as
.tiff or .jpg format. Please help.

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