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Started Feb 8, 2003 | Discussions thread
Rick Floyd Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: have u tried this....?

Okay, I downloaded the program (very small) and used both a 32MB CF card and my microdrive directly from the camera. This program loads these 1 - 2MB photos almost instantly! I haven't looked at all the features yet, but I am really impressed that the speeds are so much better than the 20 - 25 seconds it takes to load in Internet Explorer.


josef armendariz wrote:
Interesting. If it does actually speed it up like it promises, it
could actually be functional. A couple of seconds (even 15) is
doable for previews for me. I'm usually just trying to look at one
good image, then make adjustments. Heck, Polaroid used to be a
60-90 second wait for an image that usually was still a guessing

Anybody tested this yet?


mark lutz wrote:

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