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Re: Using Pocket PC for preview

We tried doing that on our last vacation with my son's S30 and my Compaq iPaq. When I pulled up the files off the CF card for viewing, the whole unit slowed to a crawl (minutes to pull up each file). I was just using Internet Explorer for viewing the JPG files, so perhaps another program would be better. But, we decided it wasn't worth it and went back to his iBook.

josef armendariz wrote:

Just curious if anyone with a Pocket PC (Compaq, etc...) would mind
answering my question. I've just recently looked at the brochures
for the Leaf DP-67 which uses a Compaq Pocket PC and it's a great
idea. Though it looks like it connects through proprietary
software to the Leaf back, I wonder how feasible it is to use a
Pocket PC to read Canon images (.jpg's) and preview them. Don't
most new Pocket PC's have a CF slot? Can they read directly off
the slot like a hard-drive?

I found this software - - which appears
to address this solution, but doesn't answer any questions. I know
for my clients, this would be a godsend as most can't stand looking
at the mini screens on the back and a laptop is to unwieldy in the
field. The digital wallets also don't have a large enough screen
for the money.


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