Using Pocket PC for preview

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Re: Using Pocket PC for preview

Agree. One alternative is the Fujitsu P1120, cheaper than the Sony. These sub-B5 size notebook IMO is the best companion for DC.

LittleJim wrote:
I looked into this and decided not to for a couple of reasons.
Firstly all the software I saw was really slow. Secondly, a ppc is
not - with a sleeve - a POCKET pc. Once you have to carry it in a
bag, I prefer something else. I currently have the Sony Vio
palmtop. It runs Xp and is faster, better screened and only about
twice the size of a ppc. Being Xp based, I'm also not reliant on
some unknown if I either change cameras or Canon come out with an

josef armendariz wrote:

Just curious if anyone with a Pocket PC (Compaq, etc...) would mind
answering my question. I've just recently looked at the brochures
for the Leaf DP-67 which uses a Compaq Pocket PC and it's a great
idea. Though it looks like it connects through proprietary
software to the Leaf back, I wonder how feasible it is to use a
Pocket PC to read Canon images (.jpg's) and preview them. Don't
most new Pocket PC's have a CF slot? Can they read directly off
the slot like a hard-drive?

I found this software - - which appears
to address this solution, but doesn't answer any questions. I know
for my clients, this would be a godsend as most can't stand looking
at the mini screens on the back and a laptop is to unwieldy in the
field. The digital wallets also don't have a large enough screen
for the money.


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