S3 Info from WPPI

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S3 Info from WPPI

Hi all,

I was at WPPI in Las Vegas and ran into a pro photographer who is very much in the know as to what Fuji is working on. Here is what I learned:

1. The S3 will be released sometime the first Qtr 2004.

2. It will still be a 6.1 meg camera.

3. It will have the new Super CCD SR and will have the same exposure
range as film. ( a very good thing ) No more hot spots!

4. It will still be a 1.5 and not a full size.

5. CF ( up to 4 gig ) and Fuji's new flash memory card will be in the slots

6. No mention of batteries to be used.

7. No mention as to what Nikon shell will be used.

8. All of the Pro's I talked to and who are using the S2, said they were
not going to upgrade to the Kodak 14n. They felt the S2 was doing
the job, but were excited about the upcoming S3.

9. The very large retailers at the show said Fuji's S2 had put a lot of
pressure on Nikon and Canon. Insiders in the industry say Fuji is
head of the pack on price/performance. As a result, competition
will produce some great things for the consumer.

So with this knowledge, we should enjoy the S2 this year and start saving for the S3 next year.

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