The New Nikon CP 3100

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Bramante M Perkasa Regular Member • Posts: 261
Re: The New Nikon CP 3100

Which suggests that when it is released it will be around USD 350+. Just slightly cheaper than Ixus for being plastic and not metal.

Is that cheap or just normal for a 3MP digicam (Sorry I am not up-to-date with the pricings)?


Bram Pribadi wrote:
Well, my brother really can get it USD 220 (2 million rupiah),
camera only, same specs as the USD 280 below. But yesterday when
he tested two cp3100, all of them have dead pixel on the LCD
screen, so my brother decided to wait until the supplier can give
him a good one.

So, sorry no sample pics yet

He got it from a individual supplier, not a shop, so I don't have
the address.

FYI, the economy class digicams from Nikon (cp3500 and cp3100) and
Olympus (C4000) are made in Indonesia. No wonder they can have it
sooner before it launched.


Bramante M Perkasa wrote:
Dear Bram,

Your price quote is a bit mistaken.

I contacted my friend who lent me a sample for reviewing purpose,
and he said that the cost is:

  • around USD 280, just the camera, no box, no battery, no manual,

no warranty, no nothing, not even serial numbered, only camera

  • around USD 330, camera, USB, 64MB CF Card, no box, no battery, no

manual no warranty, no serial number.

  • around USD 350 in Singapore, unknown accessories.

For pictures of them you can see them at


Bram Pribadi wrote:

Emanuele Chiocchio wrote:

Any shot available? Have u seen it?

Thank you!

Emanuele Chiocchio
-- - Editor/Owner

Soon. I don't live in Indonesia, my brother who lives there has
ordered 2 units, soon he will send me the sample pics.

Anyway I'm not expecting anything new here, what Nikon said "you
won't believe your eyes", I think it is the price, not the picture

Let's wait

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