G3 Burnt Highlights problem , need help-suggestions!!!!!

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Re: G3 Burnt Highlights problem , need help-suggestions!!!!!

Thanks for all your help,

I will lookup the ISO, I think it was at 200, I was trying to work with ambient light and handheld.

Actually on Pic #2, I used Russel Brown's algorithim, I think that is the way to digital black and White, you suddenly have so much control over the black and white output.

Lastly, it is intresting that of all my kids, it seems the only one I have problems with highlights in pictures with is my daughter in the picture, I guess she has some high contrast, just like with her personality.
Thanks for all the input, that was helpful.

Hap Mullenneaux wrote:

First of all, thanks for the great pic. I like both versions but
it would nice to have the smooth skin of the second version and the
stronger shadows of the first. Note how the hair on the back of
the head has gone grainy in version 2.
As someone else has said, once you have blown the highlights with
your exposure, you can't expect the conversion software to recreate
them although there are programs that try. In this case, I don't
think you did blow the highlights in camera, but, in the future,
use the histogram that Canon has provided to check. Phil has a
short intro to histograms in the Learn/Glossary. There is no right
histogram. You must evaluate it based on the subject and how you
want to portray the subject.
Phil also has a short intro to dynamic range and there have been
lots of good comments on the lack of dynamic range in digitals.
Keep in mind that this limited dynamic range shrinks even more as
you go to higher ISO's. I'm curious what ISO you used for this
Finally, since you are experimenting with different ways to convert
to B&W, here is my current favorite:
Download "Seeing in Black and White"
Thanks again,
Hap Mullenneaux
Fairfield, Iowa

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