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Re: 1D OS X

I agree with the above comments. I'm shooting with a 1Ds and the 1ghz 1gig ram PBG4. The OSX software from Canon is functional but not great. I think most Mac users are hoping that the Adobe release will be good if not great. There is alot of hype around it but who knows. The Capture One code might be good as well. My understanding is they are writing the code to maximize it for Macs and OSX. I thought the cost was going to be around $400. If the Adobe program comes out first, all bets are off.

iViewMedia Pro is an excellent program, I can sort and edit a digital job faster than I could a film shoot.

Another gem, if you plan on renaming your files, is a freeware batch renamer OSX program called: FileRenamer by Mark Wall. http://wallboys.com

Good luck with your new mac.
Steve Niedorf

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