VCL-HGD1758 or VCL-HG1758

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Re: VCL-HGD1758 or VCL-HG1758

Hi Kenny,

would you mind posting a 2 pics with the VCL-HGD1758
at full optical zoom and at no zoom?

I'm curious to see how much vignetting there is..might make the jump from the b-300....


Kenny G wrote:

yossi wrote:

What is the difference between those models? I need a TC for my
717, and don't know the difference.
D100, CP4500, Sony F717.
16 Nikkors, 3 aliens, 2x TCs

As probably the only person on the planet who owns both lenses I
thought I would throw my couple of cents into the discussion.

The real-world differences are - one is black, the other silver.
The "D" version vignettes earlier (or hangs onto it longer when
zooming out, whichever makes more sense to you) and the non-D has
slightly more abberations at the extreme edges. Weight and size are
the same.

I have taken pictures of the same subject at maximum zoom with both
and I can't tell the difference (apart from the very left/right
edges of the non-D). I would however chose the "D" version simply
on price (and, as I am a bit of a fashion victim, looks). My non-D
will find a new home soon to make way for the "D" version of the

Now attending weight-lifting classes to build up the muscles so I
can lug around the two lenses and the 717.

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