who says 3000ex can't focus? :-)

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Re: who says 3000ex can't focus? :-)

Richard Kellaway wrote:

Hmm, I know for closeup of insects and things like one flower, people do
macro but what about taking a picture of fishes in a 20 gallon aquarium?




That is so easy!!
1) drain the water tank

sorry I couldn't resist that.

Hehe... That's too funny... Actually, when I came back from my 1.5 month trip in mid-August 2000, there was only 2" of water left but I didn't have the
camera back then.

Actually I haven't the foggiest what would work in that situation. I did
have an idea to make life a little easier if you wanted to shoot one or
two particular fish. Take one or two sheets of glass cut a little less
than the width and height of the aquarium. Place the glass vertically in
such a way that the fish in question is restricted in it's movements
(careful not to squish it/them). That way you're not chasing the silly
thing(s) all over the tank with your camera. Then you can mount the
camera on a tripod and experiment with the best setting. I suspect that
backlighting the aquarium would be best to reduce reflections.

True. I only have two small fishes left in the tank anyways. I never thought of the divider with a piece of glass but that just might work! Thanks Rick!


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