CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

Started Jan 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
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E990 support has included to raw2nef v0.06. current v0.07

This is from Paul's site with few additions

The programm converts raw data from some Coolpix camera (for the list of supported cameras see below) to Coolpix 5700 NEF format. The program has tested with NikonView 5.1.3 and 5.1.4 (including NikonEdit and Photoshop plug-in), Nikon Capture 3.5

Current RAW2NEF (v0.07) supports

  • Coolpix 2500 (tested)

  • Coolpix 4500 (tested)

  • Coolpix 995 (tested)

  • Coolpix 990 (tested, need -990 option was specified) if jpeg file is available for each raw file program can distinguish from 995 automatically otherwise you have to specify the camera)

  • Coolpix 950 (tested)

  • Coolpix 900 (tested by Sakura Shan)

Coolpix 4300 is not supported because has GRGB color filter array pattern.

for more details and to get the converter click

All the thanks goes to Paul for his work please enjoy raw format for less


CP950, CP990, SB22s, MC-EU1, Win, Mac,

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