1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)

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Re: 1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)


I have the 340's. Haven't picked up a 1GB - yet. I find that I wait too long for NEF files to write, but that the Fine JPG time is more than fast enough. I shoot a lot of fast-paced auto racing action, and the D1 keeps up with me as long as I stay in the JPG mode.

For less hectic shooting, the transfer speed using NEF files is OK as long as I'm making use of the 10-shot buffer RAM.


Mike Kelley wrote:

Of course, the real issue is not whether the 1gig drive is faster than
the 340 but whether it is fast enough . Depending upon camera used,
you may very well not be able to shoot faster than the drive can store
images, or the drive lag may be well within acceptable tolerances.

I'd be more curious of your (and others') non-scientific impressions of
how the drive performs in the camera. That is, do you feel that you're
spending too much time waiting for it to write? I'm planning on using
such a drive in the Canon D30, so if it doesn't seem fast enough for the
D1 that may or may not be indicative of how happy I'd be with the
performance, but it would still be interesting to read people's opinions.

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