1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)

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Re: 1 GB MicroDrive Write Time Comparison (D1)


Let me know if you find anything, I'm in the same boat!

Glenn wrote:
Hey Guys,

Where did you buy your 1gb Microdrives from?

I'm stuck in the UK where stocks are non-existent and they will charge
about 40% more (which sucks).

Looking forward to using one in my canon and my ipaq...


MattTheHat wrote:
Hey guys,

I haven't shot with the 1 GB MicroDrive enough to commment ont the heat,
Stan is spot-on about the current consumption vs heat issue (even if
he's not a
professional photographer ;-> ). My 340 MB MicroDrive DOES get hot,
perhaps it's
an earlier model, but I did not notice excessive heat from my test runs.
If it's
important, I'll run themm again and try to guesstimate the heat level of
the drives.

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-MattTheHat (rank amateur)

Stan Disbrow wrote:

Nice job. I haven't picked one up - yet.


The 1GB MD has a lower current demand (from IBM spec sheets) than the
340MB one does. That will automatically mean less heat generation. Part
of this is refinement of the drive controller in the MD and part of this
is the closer track spacing a 1GB has over a 340MB. The heads don't need
as much current to move a shorter throw.

I've not understood the MD heat issue. All three of my MD's run cooler
than either my SanDisk or Lexar flash cards. I can only surmise that
there were variations in some MD's, perhaps earlier ones. I can recall
such variations in larger drives in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me
one bit.....


Uwe Steinmueller wrote:

What about heat with 1GB drive?


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