infolithium protocol ?

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Re: look at it this way

Doggonit, the link to sony doesn't work. Thanks anyway.

DCC wrote:
this maybe useful
it has a cluster of links of re-structure the power protocol

iceninevt wrote:
You don't need to talk to the battery. What you do need it the
discharge curve of the battery under load. For the camera to
estimate remaining battery life it must know the discharge behavior
of the battery under load. You can do the same thing with that
information without the need to talk to the battery.

Once you have this informtion things become simple. I would use a
PIC or Basic Stamp with a cheap 8 bit serial ADC. The basic stamp
will directly drive a surplus LCD and read the ADC with ease. Check
out ; for information about the Bssic Stamp.
They are a bit pricey, but they are sooo easy to use.

Program the stamp to display the actual voltage as well as
estimated time remaining. The stamp can also output serial to your
PC, or with the ADC act as a stand alone intelligent charger.

If you haven't yet played around with the Basic Stamp
microcontroller this seems like a great place to start.

It would be nice to know the sony serial protocol. I would like to
built a hot shoe adapter and wireless remote trigger. Owell,

frugalbrutus wrote:

Now that the search engine works, I found the old threads where
"Ivo" posted the pic's of the cam to batt communications. They
match what I am seeing, except the cam to bat data is a little
different. If I send what Ivo spells out in byte 1,2, and 3, I do
not get a reply from my battery. If I send what I observed from my
cam to bat comm's (NP-F330 and MVC-FD83) then I get a reply from
the battery. I don't know what it means yet, but it is progress...
I think...

Ivo, have you made any more progress?!?

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