CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: CP4500 has a RAW mode! my 2 cents!

AnWeNeT wrote:

So, after reading all this, I would like to know from you who is
using RAW mode on 4500:

Do you get better quality?
Time spend on adjusting all RAW parameters vs. quality - Is it
worth it?
Did anybody try confronting Nikon about it?
Is this change (RAW mode) reversible?

'lo All!

Been lurking in the background on this thread for a few days...
time to jump in.

So far tried about 6 shots using raw mode(Thanks Alex!)
Using raw2nef> PS 7 via Nikon plug-in. Doing this on my PC,as
I don't have necessary software for my emac. Then transferring
to emac over local network (Doing this 'cause my PC monitor is
kinda pooched)

Obviously lousy workflow but wanted to see results.

To my eye, much more detail and data available, but editing required
(I always color correct any way)

Two strange results for you gurus to figure out. Two pics of my dog
outside in the snow....very cold morning -30C(-18F). Got pics onto monitor
and they looked good...but noticed little white spots (level-255) which
represented ice crystals in the snow. When viewing at 100% they became
very apparent white square pixellated areas.Color corrected and resampled
down at which point these areas looked OK....resampling kinda averaged
these out I guess.

My question is.......suppose one wanted to preserve the initial resolution.
How would you deal with these white pixels? or are they even likely to
show on a print?

More to follow.......off to work I go!


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