infolithium protocol ?

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Re: infolithium protocol ?

I opened one up and there is a small circuit board with the following IC's:
Sharp 68011 (can't find doc's, must be a uC)
2029 - clock chip, i think
1388A - can't find doc's
many misc. SM components.

Looks like a 0.1 ohm resistor is measuring the current draw, not just "dumb" voltage measurements.

Apparently Sony wrote their own protocol and put it in a privately branded microcontroller... ?

I have looked at the datastream with an o'scope, copied some of it, sent it to a battery, and I get "something" in return. Don't know what I'm asking, and don't know what I'm receiving...
Anyone try this yet? Or know where I can look?

frugalbrutus wrote:

Does anyone know how to talk to a Sony Infolithium battery? (What
protocol, or what chipset to use?) I would like to make a gadget
to talk to the batteries and determine state of charge...

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