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Re: £'s to $'s !!!!

Hi Ian et al,

I've done that many times.

When I ran a local government conference bureau in the early 1980s, I was very friendly with guys in similar cities in the US in the same sort of job. At the time, you'd get around $1.70 to £1. The average salary for a guy who, like me, was CEO of the operation was around $30K, I was pulling £15K.

In 1984 when the $ amd £ were pretty much at parity (Christmas 1984 $1.04 = £1), I was on £17K.

In 1992, $1.60 to £1, I was bringing in around £30K and my cohort in the US were up to around $80K.

They had to pay state, local and federal taxes (depending on where they lived) on their income and sales tax on purchases. In addition, they had all to pay health insurance, but I paid for privatre health plus an insurance against loss of earnings to protect my mortgage which, consistently during the 1980s and early 1990s, was in double digit percentages as regards interest rates.

After all deductiions for tax, health, mortgage, a reasonable standard of food, transport to and from work and the cost of utilities, I had around 27% less of my income to spend remaining than they did of theirs, and they were starting from a higher base. Add in the much cheaper costs in the US for mos purchases from cars to cameras, books to boots and gas to going on vacation and you can see there is a hell of a difference.

Here in euroland, the same thing applies. Workers in Ireland have to pay both national insurance AND private health insurance PLUS a doctors fee, drugs at cost and full dental charges. The € is currently at better than 1:1 with the dollar, yet goods available in both countries are, prior to tax, still dearer here.



I had to pay income tax, national insurance and VAT on purchases.

ianR wrote:
Yes and look at those words

marbo uk wrote:

Rip off Britain....SUCKS

It's one thing to be ignorant, another to shout it at the top of
your voice in an offensive manner.
The only way to really compare prices is to take a job like say,
someone working in Macdonalds in New York and another person doing
the same job in London, see how much they get paid and how many
hours it takes them to pay for the camera.
Then take allowance of any holiday entitlement, security, house
prices etc etc.
and you'll get a fair comparion.

Marbo uk...

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