CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: RAW mode and underlying protocol (CP995)


I am not really experienced in all those protocols, I was just passing some information on Coolpixes available here in Russian to dpreview forum members, most of the research discussed in these threads has been made by Paul69 and he only has a CP2500 at hand.

Though I have some programming skills and also often I succeed in making a "stonesoup" by involving other people, so I will try to investigate this further. I will inform you If I find anything interesting.


Aristarco wrote:

Surely it'll also be the case with the CP995 (i.e., supporting the
'standard' but no 'extended' protocol via USB). I was just excited
about the possibility of sending MC-EU1 commands without the need
of the serial cable.
Well, now I'm getting back to the real world (still want to hear
AlexMld that he succeed with that).

Thanks, Mark.

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