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Re: Clarification of problem

Hello Again Amy. Sorry I miss understood your first post. Could it be the Version of Photoloader you are using. Maybe you have a older version. The Version I have is 1.0.4E . If you have an older version maybe you could download a newer version OR I could send you the version I have if you don't have it.

I think the Photoloader software gets its Date and Time info from the EXIF Data that is stored with each photo. If you have the same Photoloader version as me it could be a problem with your camera when it records the EXIF info. I use a program called IrfanView to view the EXIF Info.

I personally don't use the Photoloader software much. I normally just use Windows Explorer and drag the Photos from the Camera to my Hard Drive. I use the Photoloader with my old laptop computer that does not have USB. I don't seem to have the same problems as you.

Talk to you soon


Amy Chu wrote:

I'm not referring to anything that directly appears on the IMAGE. I am
trying to change the additional information (like shutterspeed, or
f-stop, or resolution, or date) that Photoloader somehow puts into the
HTML filing mess that appears on my harddrive after uploading from the

Because the date info is wrong, the viewer that comes with Photoloader
displays all of these pictures in the month of January. I've tried
editing folder names and the HTML text portions of files associated with
the errant month, and then using the Rebuild option in the Photoloader
software, but I haven't been able to hit the right combination of
actions to make it appear correctly.

Has anyone figured out what key piece of info does the viewer use to
determine which month a photo is a part of?

Are there any other pieces of software I might consider that will help
me download and organize my images but still keep the extra photographic


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