CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: RAW mode and underlying protocol (CP995)

Surely it'll also be the case with the CP995 (i.e., supporting the 'standard' but no 'extended' protocol via USB). I was just excited about the possibility of sending MC-EU1 commands without the need of the serial cable.

Well, now I'm getting back to the real world (still want to hear AlexMld that he succeed with that).

Thanks, Mark.

Mark Roberts wrote:

The 990 and 885 support the 'standard' protocol via USB, but not
the 'Extended' protocol that the MC-EU1 uses. I've heard that not
many of the other Coolpix cameras support either protocol via USB,
but that's third hand news.

Note that the DigiSnap 2000 series controllers use both the
standard and extended protocols, switching back and forth as
needed... The DigiSnaps and the MC-EU1 use the serial port of the
cameras, not the USB.

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