Michael Reichmann does it again

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Nice summation!

IMHO the last two posts (by Littleboy and Peter), ...the last paragraph of each in-particular, serve well as a summation of the significant points re michael's report.

Thanks to all who offered thoughts on this issue.

I'm sure it will happen again, the next Time Michael announces an opinion!


Peter G wrote:

Danny Cardenas wrote:

I imagine this article will stir up another hornet's nest of
He compares his 1Ds images to his Pentax 67 images and ends the
article with "Goodbye film. Goodbye medium format."

What is the controversy? He sets limits on his test 13x19". If you
read the followups it looks like a lot of others with MF equipment,
who purchased 1Ds are finding the same result. Most are even more
enthused than MR.

Rob Galbraith said something similar in October:

" At its best, the preproduction EOS-1Ds body in hand here generates photos that match or exceed the level of clarity of the best 6x6 Hasselblad and Mamiya 6x7 prints I've ever made. Yes, this is yet another digital vs film comparison. But it's not the sort of silly digital-to-scanned-film matchup that pervades photographic publications these days; I mean a real comparison, Mano a Mano, of the best each format has to offer.

In my case, that's fibre-based and RC custom prints from TMax 100 B&W vs both colour and black and white EOS-1Ds photos printed on a Canon S9000. Arguably, in such a comparison, digital should be at a disadvantage, given the use of a desktop inkjet for the digital output. As it turns out, this is no handicap. The smallest landscape detail in EOS-1Ds frames holds up at or beyond the level of the traditional darkroom prints, even when comparing at the equivalent of a 16 x 20 inch enlargement. I'm talking about fine, smooth, photographic detail, free from sharpening-induced pixelation or other digital oddities."

To generalize what I see reading this is people in two camps, 1:
Those with MF and 1ds, saying the 1Ds produces better prints. 2:
Those with neither claiming it can't. I put more creedence in those
who have actually done the comparison.

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