CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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CP950 also has a RAW mode

I tird with my CP 950 it.

I will write what i found at first I changed the id of camera using photopc and serial cable to "DIAG RAW" after that camera save two pictures one camera can display and other can not open even nikon capture this is the place where i need your help
I would be happy if RAW2NEF can include CP950 too.


camera can not estimate remaining disk space it estimate only for selected jpeg format. one RAW file take up space of 2.35MB but if the card does not have enough space camera gives system error as it fails to write to disk.

If you need raw files please write to me i will send gune1@yahoo.com

I hope to try with my CP 990 too but without converter no use

I will post the details once my usb cable back to work


link to first thread


this is reply from Alex


it is no problem to include cp950 support into RAW2NEF converter

You can e-mail Paul69 at e2500@narod.ru and discuss the details as to how to pass a sample file to him.
Also if anyone has cp4300 raw file you can also pass it to Paul.


I sent raw file to above mention address

CP950, CP990, SB22s, MC-EU1, Win, Mac,

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