CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Re: RAW mode and underlying protocol (CP995)


Very interesting observation, Aristarco..... I am also looking for a way to control a 995 or 4500 via USB. In the meantime I use only a 990.

Also I would give a try to RAW mode if it works with a 990.

about RAW mode and hot pixel remapping:

does it work with a 990?

does the hot pixels remapping works only on RAW mode or will it remain
active if JPG mode is back?

how much time to download a RAW file ( 2048 x 1536) from camera to pc (USB)?

Thanks to all!

Aristarco wrote:

Hi to all, I'm new to this forum.

I've been reading about CP995 protocol (mainly from Eugene Crosser,
http://photopc.sourceforge.net/protocol.html ) and everybody says
that it's not possible to use it with the CP995 through the USB
interface (but works with the serial cable SC-EW3).

Nevertheless, this RAW enabler software (cpixraw) uses a command
(sets a register value) that changes the camera ID using that
protocol through USB, and some users told that works with their
CP995. Then, what if any other command (borrowed from the serial
protocol) is issued to the camera the same way cpixraw does, I mean
through USB? Did somebody test it? In that case, will it accept
MC-EU1 commands through USB also?

Thanks in advance.
PS: sorry if this is an old topic, I couldn't find an answer to
these subjects by searching the archives.
PS2: excuse me for my English, still learning.

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