CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

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Hi Ebdy !

I've got the same problem as jamie had few days ago. Sometimes the camera freeze with "CF read error" message. If you turn off and on the problem dissappears. BUT if you connect the camera to the computer (or put the card to the reader) you will find lot of trash on your card (and photos also). The card is readable and you can copy the photos to the computer. If you format the card trash will disappear. I tried to find the reason of that because the RAW mode with these effects looks dangerous.

The result:

1. If you take a picture before green card icon goes off you wil always get a freezed camera with "CF read error" message.

2. The camera don't recognize when jpg compression and save not finished (not RAW file saving as jamie wrote).

3. I think RAW mode saving process different from JPG. Looks like TIFF mode. The camera save RAW data immediately after shooting and goes back to normal jpg mode (compress and save in the background). 2 modes can't work together.


1. If we could switch off JPG mode it could be better but the question is how can we do that !?

2. We could change TIFF mode to RAW mode in the menu but as I know we have to modify the firmware for that.


I don' understand why do we have to wait for saving file in RAW mode before next shot?! The camera has 32MB memory. It's enough for 5 pictures and there would be speedy continous mode. Is it possible (theoretically)?

Anyway thanks for all geniuses for RAW and other ideas and utilities !


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