CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

Started Jan 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

Ok... that's what I did with mine...

kitgard wrote:

jaime wrote:
Kitgard, I also have a 4500, when I used the remap button it
removed all my hotpixels, but it doesn't show me the table when I
click the read button, when you click on the read button does it
shows you the map of hotpixels?

kitgard wrote:

jaime wrote:

I had to start part 2 of this thread because there's a limit of 150
posts on each thread...

CCD defects reader:


it found 96 hotpixles and remaped

best regards
cp4500, tc-e2, 2-> EN-EL1

The read map function does not seem to work
so i don't used that fuction, only the remap pixels

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