Summer is here, a couple of flowers

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Re: Summer is here, a couple of flowers

Henry Falkner wrote:

Your bird of paradise has these blue colours where ours are just plain green.

I have never seen the neighbours vougainvilla in bloom. I will have to look out for that.

These are nice pictures - but if you have summer already, you will have draught (and the fires that come with it) for moths to come.

So hopefully, what you have now is just plain spring.


Hi Henry, your right, just spring, I meant to type Feels like summer, we have been getting temps in the low 30's and it is quite dry, as for fires we have had 6 in our area in the past 10days, nothing major but they are saying that last year was suppose to be the worst fire season in 41 years, it did not happen, this year is shapping up early, with the oficial fire season only just starting, as a member of the bush fire brigade and a land owner, I am concerned what we are in for, the Bougainvillia is growing in large clumps across an arch, looks fabulous

Regards Ian

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