Exploding two myths about DX...

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Re: Exploding two myths about DX...

JimPearce wrote:

These two myths are so prevalent here and elsewhere that everyone will recognize them immediately. Both are patently false:

1. Mirrorless is eating into APS-C DSLR sales.

CIPA reported sales of approx. 14 million DSLRs and 4 million mirrorless in 2011; projects sales of 16 million DSLRs and 6 million mirrorless in 2012. Sales are on track. Conclusion: mirrorless is not eating into DSLR sales.

Not yet at least. But with Olympus OM-D EM-5 & Fuji X-E1 and no D400/improved DX lenses, then There might be a flood of disgruntled Nikon DX users moving elsewhere in 2013.

2. FX is being developed further; DX has hit a wall. This is particularly true due to increased pixel density.

I'll just use a sample comparison from dxomarks. The D300 starts to get quite noisy after ISO 800. Comparing the D300 and D700 at ISO 800, DRs are 9.89 and 11.49 respectively. The difference: 1.6 stops. Looking at the two current 24 MP cameras, the D3200 and the D600 the DRs are 10.51 and 11.95 at ISO 800 - a difference of 1.44 stops.

In one way you are correct that DX sensors are still advancing at same rate as FX. But the problem is that Nikon have not put a state of the art DX sensor in a pro/prosumer body since 2007, so Nikon has chosen to slam the brakes on in this sector and force users to look elsewhere (FX, canon, mirrorless).

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