Wish list for NEX-7J ?

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re: well, it is a WRONG ligic, as... if no FW update for N7...

jpr2 wrote:
"...then no more Sony products purchases from me... EVER emoticon - sad !!
But of course we're saying the same thing emoticon - grin,

  • the last chance might lay here:

https://www.facebook.com/Nex7FirmwareUpdate?filter=2 "

Waltom wrote:

"Why not just give us a firmware update for the NEX-7? It's been a year already and there are a number of little tweaks they could make like expanding the AEB range beyond 0.7 stops. But wait, if they did that maybe I wouldn't want the NEX -7J and they wouldn't make money.
You know something Sony, I dont want a NEX-7J."

The competition, the Olympus OMD E-M5 which is a newer camera and the direct competitor for the NEX-7, just got a firmware update 1.5. Goes to show.

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