V1 down to $445 on Amazon

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Re: V1 down to $445 on Amazon

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Got for $382 shipped on E-bay. Guess prices will go even down. I used it for the first time this weekend (they don't even display in stores - just the J1's!!!) and I tell you, it at least beats the Olympus E-PL1 picture quality that I bought 2 years ago. Don't even want to compare the AF. All in all, it makes sense to buy it at this cheap if you have Nikkor lens inventory.

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It made sense to us that had the money to buy it at the higher price a year ago.

Exactly. One can always wait for prices to drop but in that case one will miss the joy of having it brand new and using it from the start.

I got my V1 at the beginning of summer and in Canada, the prices haven't really changed. In fact, I still don't think it is possible to beat my 10mm kit deal with a free SB-N5 flash thrown in.

But even if the price had dropped a lot, I'd have no regrets. The memories it captured with my partner on our hikes and bike trips are priceless - she triggers the infra-red remote while I hold the camera out on a monopod-type stick. As far as I know, there is no other mirrorless camera that is light enough to make this practical while being able to be triggered remotely and still capture near dSLR quality images.

For me, my picture taking count drops off towards winter, so I'd be less inclined to purchase a new camera at this time of the year..

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