Canon FF cameras incompatibility with APS lenses.

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Re: "Canon 10-20mm modifications"

Le Kilt wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

Canon FF cameras incompatibility with APS lenses.

I remember that Canon stated that APS lenses could not be used on the E5D2 and E5D3 cameras. My understanding was that the mirror would hit the back of APS lenses. But I am not sure of that.
My question is 2 part

1. what is the real reason (just because light fall off would be seen with APS lenses on a FF sensor or was there indeed a mechanical problem)?
2. Can APS lenses be used on the new 6D?

Apart from the image circle not fully covering the FF sensor, the EF-S lenses protrude further into the body, and in some cases you would have the larger FF mirror hitting the lens.

Some people have done mods on the 10-22mm, often just changing a piece on the lens and restricting the zoom range a bit.
A search on "Canon 10-20mm modifications" will find you lots of examples.

OK, I believe that it is the mirror clearance that causes the problem. But what I still don't know is did Canon change the mirror in the new D6 so that it can now accept the old APS lenses? If would seem that Nikon and Sony were smart enough to do just that. I think I remember that Sony in the A900 had the mirror not only move up but backwards to avoid the problem. In addition that also lessened the effect of mirror slap vibrations on reducing image quality and sharpness. So what I need to know is has the problem been addressed in the D6 or has Canon let people down?

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