Canon FF cameras incompatibility with APS lenses.

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Re: LOL !

Le Kilt wrote:

x-vision wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

My question is 2 part

1. what is the real reason (just because light fall off would be seen with APS lenses on a FF sensor or was there indeed a mechanical problem)?

I think they did it on purpose, so that you don't use EF-S lenses on FF bodies.

LOL, not at all!

EF-S lenses cannot project a FF image circle, so no point in using them on FF anyway.
But Canon's usual segmentation tactics are in play here as well.

2. Can APS lenses be used on the new 6D?

No (at least not without mods).

Look up the mods and you may understand...

Can you give me the URL where the mods are posted???

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