How many Owners of D800 would sell and buy a D4?

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Re: I own a D800 and yes, I'd buy a D4

Michael Firstlight wrote:

Well, it all depends how serious you are too. I know some of the very top landscape photographers in the world (such as Rodney Lough who has several retail shops selling huge landscape prints at high prices successfully) still lug around 8x10" sheet film cameras - that's dedication! I used to lug around my Pentax 6x7 II cam on the trail - it didn't look ridiculous at all - more like an oversized SLR. But, then again, with today's technology such as the D800 no need to do that anymore. It is all relative, right? Soon or later people will say carrying a D800 is akin to carrying an MF film camera around as even smaller cams reach the level and flexibility of the D800.

They key is to use the optimal tool for the application. I tend to agree with you; when I hit the trail weight matters and my backpack being a little lighter helps on a 10 mile trek up and down a steep gorge!

Exactly. I am glad we agree, since all I am talking about is MY needs and preferences, not what everybody else should think or do.

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