Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

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Re: Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

Olymore wrote:

The SLR replaced the rangefinder for most users as it was a better solution with the available technology.

The EVF will replace the DSLR as for most users it will provide a better solution.

Normally this would be an incremental process with both technologies running together and one gradually replacing the other as the technology improves.

Remember there was 15+ years between the first SLRs and the general adoption of SLRs as the default serious camera in the 1970s...

...and the cell phone has replaced most cameras.

All cameras are niche products. There's never been 1 type for all. The question is whether placing all of your bets on one niche (one that might turn out to be a fad), is worth the risk. Oly is in a position now where they are bringing in new users. And when many of them who came from an slr get nostalgic for the ovf, then Oly better have an option for them or risk losing users again to more diversified brands.

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