SPP 5.3.2 CA correction

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Re: SPP 5.3.2 CA correction

Yup - OK - I'm starting to realize that maybe my comps are getting dated.

But I have zero prob with my 5D2/50d/SD14/OlyE3 raw processing. It's just these Merril raws that are giving me greif.

I mean I can do CA correction during 5D2 raw processing and there is no waiting really (like 10 seconds or something reasonable like that).

But anyways - 50+MB raws and SPP. hmmm - So I'm thinking my XP Home Pentium 4 3.0GHz on P865 chipset with 2GB PC 3200 RAM (thought it was 4GB RAM, but checked and it's only 2) is not good enough for Merrill Raws.
Open XF3 - 25 seconds
Put in HiRes Mode - 75 seconds
Do a CA adjustment in HiRes mode - 80 seconds

I checked it several times and then again on an identical machine and got same times. No antivirus programs running and benchmark programs say the memory reading writing and latency is functioning 100%.

So I installed SPP 5.3.2 on my fairly new Samsung Laptop Windows 7 Premium(Intel Core i5 2.4Ghz with 6GB RAM). Here are the times....
Open X3F - 9 seconds
Put in HiRes mode - 25 seconds
Do a CA adjustment in HiRes mode - 26 seconds

A lot better and almost manageable, but I'm still not all that happy.
Looks like I need an i7 Quad proc at 3.4 Ghz and at least 8BG RAM, maybe 16.

It's surprising that such a high level of computing newness and speed are needed but anyways, at least its available if ya got the dough.

Learn something new every day. Keep open mind is the trick I guess.

You see I had built both those P4 Desktop machines and now it's hard to admit they have gone Flintstone city compared to a laptop so soon.

I shouda know I was gonna need a new comp for 50-60MB raws.

If you look at the system requirements for SPP there is no real hint of what you'll
actually need to avoid wasting so much time.

Here are the system requirements from the SPP download page for Windows.

•OS : Windows® XP (service pack2 or later), Windows Vista®, Windows® 7
•CPU : Pentium® IV or higher (Core™ 2 Duo recommended)
•RAM : 2GB required (3GB or more recommended)
•Display card : 24-bit display card
•Monitor Display Resolution : 1,024x768 required

Man that sure is misleading.

Sounds like you need no more than Windows 7 and Core 2 Duo (3GHZ I presume although they don't even say) and 3GB RAM.

Don't be misled folks. you need i5 at the very least and i7 or better recommended.

Very quick RAM and loads of it too. I'm think SSD will help with saving and opening especially for the 48bit Tiffs if you work with those.

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