OMD Fall Landscapes "redo"

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Re: OMD Fall Landscapes "redo"

Hey, isn't that Parker Lake from the June Lake area?

Pretty much unmistakeable once one has seen it.

Vlad S wrote:

I love Alpine loop! This is where I had my first test drive ever...

I think these images would have really benefited from a polarization filter to create richer colors both in the foliage and the sky.

If you are after a beautiful image, rather than documentary photo, I would try to adjust the tonal curve a little lower, or change the gamma, so that the mid tones are a little darker, but the shadows stay the same. It will also probably make an impression of more clear air.

I also think the sky color is pretty realistic, but not necessarily impressive. Many people are attracted to more saturated skies - which is why polarization filters are used so frequently for the sky. You may just darken it selectively.


P.S. Here's an image close to what I think of Wasatch and Uinta ranges (not mine):

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