Question about selling gear and price to ask for it.

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Re: Question about selling gear and price to ask for it.

Rutgerbus wrote:

Upgrade from D80 to D700 + Nikkor 24-70mm, which is totally a different league.

Now I'm wondering if I should sell my prestine looking, and well working D80 ( which has some minor dust on sensor which can easily be removed in PP) + Nikkor 18-200 VR1 ( VR is not working anymore , ][...]
What should/can I ask for my old gear?

Sorry, but these are flaws that are likely to cause heavy depreciation to your gear.
Put yourseelf into the shoes of the potential buyer:

  • Aren't "dust specs" (or hot pixels?) an indication of less than keen care of the camera by the seller? Why should I spend money for a camera and then have to PP every single pic I take with it?

  • a xx-200 (300 eq.) f/5.6 VR zoom with VR not working? 2-3 useable f-stop lost is heavy limitation. Maybe was misused or abused? Damaged in a bad fall? Optical performance isn't compromised, too?

Honestly, myself I wouldn't take the risk!
Why don't have the gear repaired before selling...

... on in view of keeping it? I too upgraded from DX to FX, but decided to keep my D200 + 18-200 VR for travel, where I find the DX combo much more convenient than D700 + multiple FX lenses.

Best regards.

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