First Time FF User - 5DM3 or D600?

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Re: Interesting

showmetheprime wrote:

I've read many reviews so far which express major disappointment that Canon's 24-70 II doesn't deliver on its price tag and is only just reaching resolution and sharpness of Nikon's five year old 24-70.... Start at and the search on the net. I personally wouldn't touch either lens because I think zooms are a massive compromise on quality, this latest lens is still no match for any top quality prime.

I agree, that is news to me as well. It was my understanding that there was some general disappointment with the 24-70 II L as well, not to mention being 5 years late.

If it is better, I'd like to see the reputable sources showing me otherwise though, for interest sake. It's $2500 here in Canada vs $1499 for the Nikon, so I would expect it to blow the Nikon out of the water, but it doesn't seem to.

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