Why D400 and not D600

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Re: No, there's no misconception here...

Ian Stuart Forsyth wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

There seems to be a misconception here about the "reach" of teoephoto lenses on DX bodies. Many posters seem to think that telephoto lenses on DX bodies produce better results than the same lenses on FX bodies.

I'd need an 800 f5.6 lens on a D600 to capture the same scene I can capture with my 500 f4 on a D3200. Oh...and guess what? I can do it at half the ISO, same shutter speed. If you don't "get" this, you don't do wildlife photography.

That is true but it goes the other way also, if I need a fast 400 2.8 for FF what are you going to do with DX go buy a 260mm F1.8

No, you buy a 300f2.8 = 450f2.8 on DX body

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The most important piece of equipment in photography is the lens cap, if used incorrectly all your photo will be under exposed.

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