Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

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Re: Image of dust/oil on my new D600 sensor. Is this acceptable?

I'd personally just order the very minimal supplies (eclipse solution + pec pads) needed to clean it yourself and learn to do it rather than go through the hassle of sending it back. Even if you get a clean one back, it's going to eventually get dirty and I'd rather be able to clean it myself than send it in to Nikon every time. It's quite easy to do; once you get the hang of it (which won't take long) it's a quick 5 minute job that you can do whenever you notice some unwanted grime on the sensor.

Of course, if you don't want to clean it yourself (certainly within your right), you could send it back, but there's no guarantees you're going to get a clean one in return. It doesn't seem this is an area of QC they pay much attention to.

leicaman wrote:

If you can get to my album it contains an image of my D600's sensor. Shot to the clear blue sky at F16 with lens out not set to infinity. Was surprised to see this on a new camera. Is this dust or oil? Should I return the camera?

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