Which professional photographers are using Nikon 1 system?

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: Which professional photographers are using Nikon 1 system?

Herman Dijkhuis wrote:

It's a very fast camera, I expect suitable for shooting fast action(s), like football (soccer). Which professional sports shooters are using this gear?

  1. It's very fast, but tracking does not work nearly as well as it does with the dSLRs. OVF still wins that battle.

  2. The small sensor gives it pretty amazing magnification, but with that comes issues with subject isolation. Shooting soccer with, say, a 300mm lens might help isolate the subject, but you'll be standing 100 feet or more from the pitch

It's probably suitable for a number of professional endeavours ... just like any small sensor cam can be used by a professional to create a professional looking image.

But it's not a dSLR and that still means something. A few years from now, who knows ...

Caveat: I could be wrong

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