The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Re: The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

pixelmess wrote:

The EOS-M's auto focus speed is 2 years TOO LATE.

" Then, there are those that nearly drive us to tears, instantly tarnishing our opinion of otherwise capable models. We were devastated to see that the EOS M's focusing performance falls just shy of that latter grouping -- the cameras that just plain stink at bringing a subject into focus quickly."

"...but the dismal focusing performance means SLRs will probably be far more appealing to these users."

Sure it's just one review from a non-photography-specific site, but the long-suspicion of many (based on the youtube marketing hype) is now verified. This is certainly just a BEGINNING of many other reviews regarding its sluggish performance.

What a mess.

I thought about posting this article but thought it was kind of pointless....I guess I should have just so there could be a somewhat objective start to an inevitable discussion.

Your prognostications aside, Engadget really is for gadget junkies and not photographers, but they still note the exceptional image quality. Others have commented on the usefulness of the user interface that the Engadget reviewer didn't care for. I didn't notice any mention of center focus speed vs. off center.

The mess is going to be the trash talk in these forums starting up again. I hope you haven't set the tone of this particular discussion, but since the only discussion that will ignite from this review will stem from the same subject matter as your post I don't see it going any other way. The first words out of your (virtual) mouth were an indictment of a camera given a rather superficial review by a site made up of tech geeks. Why not get a real, well-rounded view from a photographer's site? Two years too late for what? And I love the second quote paraphrased AND taken completely out of context.

The mess begineth here and you got it off to a great start. Just for the record I'm all set for cameras, so I won't be buying an EOS-M anyway. I'd still like to be able to have a discussion with people who are reasonable rather than hotheaded for whatever reason.

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