Lens rental M43 lens test

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DElliott Senior Member • Posts: 1,058
differences in metrics may be the key here

I think the key may be the difference is metrics. Lensrentals reports max resolution and avg resolution. Note that the avg resolution for the 14mm is significantly below hte max resolution. That likely implies that the corners are significantly worse than the center. But poor corner results are somewhat masked by the use of an average number. These metrics require a bit more interpretation or careful examination than the explicit center, border, extreme results conveyed by sites like Photozone.

WillemW wrote:

Yup, that's my experience too. I returned the 14/2.5 because my copy was definitely softer in the corners than my 14-45 @ 14 mm. Even in the centre I could see a little difference in favour of the zoom (!) in the famous brickwall test. The 1 stop advantage is largely compensated by the IS of the zoom, therefore I'd rather spend € 325 elsewhere.
So my findings exactly match Photozone's.

Pixnat2 wrote:

My biggest surprise is the 14mm f/2.5 results. I've always found that center sharpness was excellent, but corner sharpness was weak, even stopped down. But in this test, it has the best Avg result of all tested lenses wide open. Strange.

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